About Equinot

We are passionate about delivering the most innovative solutions to our clients' problems. Here is a snapshot of what makes us a unique M&A services provider. 



We offer flexible and custom-built solutions in the pre-acquisition process from developing market thesis, target identification, screening and qualification, business development, equity research and valuation to drafting the LOI.



As a European company specialized in cross-border business development, we have built a unique expertise operating in complex environments overcoming cultural, legislative, information and language barriers. This international experience enabled us to build a proven and successful approach to generating high quality deal-flow directly from founders from diverse cultural backgrounds.



Our core value is partnership across the whole spectrum - on one side we create partnerships with buyers by putting ourselves close by their side and working together on implementing the process; while on the other side we create partnerships between buyers and business owners by properly communicating alignment of all stakeholders' interests and developing value-creating relationships.



Here at Equinot, our mission is to continuously innovate to be able to offer best in business solutions for our partners. We have perfected our deal origination process through trial and error, we tested what works and what doesn't when it comes to developing opportunities in complex international environments to be able to offer the most effective solution. By keeping a close look on fast-evolving trends in technology and tools being used to optimize the whole deal origination process, today we are able to deliver a technology-enabled, collaborative solution that comes at a small fraction of what you would have paid for analysts' salaries and access to data.



Uncovering quality investment opportunities and building relationships with entrepreneurs is the most important factor of a successful M&A strategy in the smaller end of the market and requires an enormous amount of effort. In today's competitive environment it isn't sufficient to be passive and rely on opportunistic events to meet growth objectives. The only infallible path to investment success is proactive deal origination approach.



Affordability is a relative term. 
We justify our price relative to the value we create. For smaller acquirers seeking smaller deals the price will be lower than for buyers looking for relatively larger deals. Bottom line is that our clients of any size and preferences can afford a professional service. 


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