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Here you can find out which deals we are actively targeting for our partners. Please use the form bellow if you are selling a business or refering a seller that fits one of the following criterias:

Open Mandate 1

Profile:  UK business services

Industry: B2B services

Geography: UK

Size: Revenue US$10M to 300M, EBITDA US$4M to 100M

Characteristic: UK businesses that offer opportunities for organic and/or buy and build growth.

Open Mandate 2

Profile: Enterprise B2B Vertical Software 

Industry: Software 

Geography: Global

Size: Revenue US$5M to 100M, EBITDA US$0M to 25M

Characteristic: Established and mission-critical software companies with existing client relationships. Companies with recurring and stable contract with clients and operating margins, from minus 10% to plus 20%.

Open Mandate 3

Profile: Small-cap B2B Software

Industry: Software 

Geography: Europe

Size: EBIT 0.5M€ to 5M€, EV 3M€ to 75M€

Characteristic: Well run businessess with positive EBIT margins. Situations in focus: buyouts and succesions

Open Mandate 4

Profile: High growth B2B Software

Industry: Software 

Geography: Europe (focus on NL, UK, Nordics, DACH)

Size: Revenue 3M€ to 150M€

Characteristic: Fast growing B2B software product business (min. CAGR 15%). Can include some hardware or services, but majority of revenue software. Profitable or with growing EBITDA margins.

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