M&A Strategy Consulting 

Our consulting solution offers strategic buyers a way to quickly adopt or strengthen organization's M&A capability


Why grow through acquisition?


- The fastest way to expand geographic reach and enter new lines of business
- The only way to consolidate the market 
- The smartest way to obtain new technologies.

It all starts with a concise strategic thought.


Bringing you a winning way of thinking about your external growth

Our consulting efforts are focused on building and deploying an M&A machine for your organization from the ground-up.


Making mergers and acquisitions simple and easy to understand

Organizations new to, or less familiar with M&A can now use Equinot as a first point of contact to the world of external growth.

Equinot M&A strategy consulting vs mergers and acquisitions advisory firms

M&A advisory firms take the role of an intermediary and have as an objective matching buyers and sellers. They are paid in the form of a transaction fee and are for the most part acting independently from their client. Since their fee depends on the value of the deal at closing, they are almost exclusively working on the sell-side or less often targeted buy-side.

Our M&A consulting is very different from that. We are not intermediaries but a service provider, paid by for work we do for our clients. We work side by side with our clients to prepare them and build their M&A muscles to be able to carry out broad M&A activities without having to hire intermediaries.

Equinot M&A strategy consulting vs M&A consulting firms

On the other side of the spectrum, you will often find the term M&A consulting being associated with accounting and management consulting firms. In almost all cases they will only provide you with consulting work later in the M&A process, solving specific problems related to Due Diligence and post-transaction integration. Equinot is here to fill the gap and provide you with the preparation for the whole process starting from the earliest stage when your future M&A success is just a vague idea. 

Utilizing our expertise in investment opportunity generation and industry research, we can offer you a complete solution for initiating and carrying out external growth strategy.

We help you at each stage of the process from formulating external growth strategy to successfully completing the acquisition. If done properly, mergers and acquisitions can be a very effective solution to achieve your short-term and long-term objectives. 

Bringing you the Equinot approach to thinking about your M&A 


Deciding if external growth makes sense


Verifying feasibility of external growth idea           



Defining objectives that drive further process                       


Conceiving M&A strategy and aligning it with overall strategy of the organization


Turning to proactive approach to originate M&A deals


Equipping you with tools, processes and best practices to execute the formulated strategy 

Equinot also offers support in execution of M&A strategy - Make it happen

Learn more about Equinot's M&A strategy expertise and how we can help you do it the right way 

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