M&A Deal Origination

The service is specifically designed to improve the efficiency of the deal origination process by exposing investors to a constant flow of direct investment opportunities in smaller to mid-market companies.

We offer complete service in the pre-acquisition process from screening and origination, business development, initial analysis and valuation to drafting the LOI.



Whether you already have a team dedicated to proactive target search, or you solely rely on inbound opportunities you will benefit from:

- scaling the volume of deal-flow without in-house expansion
- supplementing your existing deal-flow with new investment opportunities
- getting exposed to direct investments in founder-owned businesses 



If you are still using Evernote to keep track of potential acquisitions, maybe it is time to consider implementing a better solution that will increase effectiveness of origination by:

- keeping you up-to-date and informed to make sure you don't miss a good opportunity
- tracking, measuring and improving deal pipeline
- letting data drive your decision making
- bringing science to deal sourcing



Obtaining information on privately held companies can be costly and time consuming. We help you by:

- providing a mixture of hand curated data and proprietary intelligence gathering methods
- eliminating noise by synthesizing information in a easy-consumable way, tailored to your preferences
- enabling you to focus on what you do best

Our deal origination process:

Step 1

Target search / Prospecting

With your guidance we define a sufficiently narrow niche market and identify prospects. We perform the initial total addressable market research to verify the viability of the investment thesis.

Step 2

Monitoring / Screening

We regularly monitor for any critical changes, news and other trigger events relating to targets list. We keep you updated and alert at all times. while providing user-friendly screening functionality in our proprietary screener.
We have developed our own composite scores that we compile and track to gauge growth, capital needs, M&A maturity and similar indicators.

Step 3

Email outreach campaigns

To transform prospects into warm leads and well-fitting investment opportunities, we execute the outreach campaign. Over time, we manage communication, gauge interest level, gather data, create content and develop quality relationship with potential acquisitions.

Step 4

Professional calendar and email management

It takes an enormous number of phone calls, emails and meetings to successfully source a deal and that is why we take care of managing business development efforts for you ensuring highly needed consistency.  

Step 5

Vetting / Analysis

Because we are dedicated and focused on improving your investment returns by managing deal-origination process, we perform research analysis, valuation and vetting to provide you with the most suitable, clean deals accompanied by abundant pre-prepared informative material.

Step 6

Tracking / Performance measuring

To be able to manage and improve effectiveness of the deal-origination process we keep track and measure different KPIs and provide weekly progress updates.

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